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Music & Events


What’s going on at the Creekside Sports Bar & Grille? Check it out

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to see our daily special events that take place as well!!



September 26th - Free Poker at 7pm

September 27th - Trivia at 7:30

September 28th - Free Poker at 7pm

September 29th - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Coast to Coast 9-1

September 30th - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Junkyard Band 9-1

October 1st - Free Poker at 1:30, Eagles Game at 4pm

October 3rd - Free Poker at 7pm

October 4th - Trivia at 7:30

October 5th - Free poker at 7pm

October 6th - Country Line Dancing 8-12

October 7th - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Electric Beach 9-1

October 8th - Free poker at 1:30, Eagles Game at 1pm

October 9th - Spring-Ford Football Fundraiser Night, Gridiron TV Live Show 7pm (see flyer for details)

October 10th - Free pokr at 7pm

October 11th - Trivia at 7:30

October 12th - Free poker at 7pm, Eagles Game 8:25pm

October 13th -LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Shot of Southen 9-1

October 14th - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Go Commando 9-1

October 15th - Free poker at 1:30p

October 17th - Free pker at 7pm

October 18th - Trivia at 7:30

October 19th - Bud Light Eagles Thursday Night Huddle with WMMR 7-10pm (see flyer for details). Free poke at 7pm

October 20th - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Sofa Kings 9-1

October 21st - LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Where's Pete 9-1

October 22nd - Free poker at 1:30

October 23rd - Devil's Backbone Pre Eagles/Halloween Party. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Singles Going Steady 5-8pm (see flyer for details). Eagles game 8:30

October 24th - Free poker at 7pm

October 25th - Trivia at 7:30

October 26th - Free poker at 7pm

October 27th - Halloween Party!!! (see flyer for details) LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: Uptown Band 9-1

October 28th - Halloween Party!! (see flyer for details) LIVE ENTERTAINMENT: All SOULed Out 9-1

October 29th - Free poker at 1:30. Eagles Game at 1pm

October 31st - HAPPY HALOWEEN!! Food and Drink Specials. Free poker at 7pm

November 1st - Trivia at 7:30

November 2nd - Free Poker at 7:30







Sunday Special 2017 2  Monday Specials 2017 1
Tuesday special 2017 Trivia new March 2017
Thursday special 2017


Stay tuned for more announcements!!